Founded by Engineer Claudio Pozas, this company established it roots in 1966 in the Southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre. In the 1980s the company, then called Pozas & Correa Ltda (Pozas & Correa LLC), experienced its biggest growth period. Due to the loss of one of its partners, Fernando Correa, the company was renamed to Pozas Construções (Pozas Construction). In the 1990s, Brazil was going a difficult economic time, but the company did not cease building. It did however, shift its focus and development strategies. From 1995 – 2004, it had distinguished itself for its high standard projects and business initiatives.

In the early 2000s, Pozas Construções manager Rafael Pozas ventured to the United States to seek new business opportunities for his company. From 2001 to 2004, the company began residential renovation projects in San Diego, California.

Now back in Brazil, Rafael became a partner of the company and began another period of change, which later led to strategically renaming the company to Claudio Pozas Construções e Incorporaçōes (Claudio Pozas Construction and Incorporation). During this period, Brazil was going through a real estate boom, allowing the company to continue its trajectory of rapid growth.

During this growth spur, the company bravely endured unpredictable economic cycles and tough times that its country faced, while continuing to construct. To date, the company has covered over 1,600,000 square feet in the most notable areas of Porto Alegre (see company portfolio). Tradition, good service, quality of work, and optimal real estate location had always been the company’s points of strength. Those strengths during its 52 years of operating in the Porto Alegre market helped establish trusting relationships with clients and reliable partnerships.

With everything that the company represents to its partners, collaborators, and clients in mind, we have decided once again to move forward. We are changing to adapt to new times and look forward to writing another 52 years of history and life.

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  • Founder of Claudio Pozas Construction and Incorporation LLC
  • Civil Engineer and Entrepreneur




  • Member of the Delibration Council of the Leopoldina Juvenile Association (
  •  Head Coach U10G American Youth Soccer Organization - Region 86 Laguna Beach-CA (